Welcome to the American Chamber of Commerce in Ethiopia!

Welcome to the American Chamber of Commerce in Ethiopia!

It is my honor to welcome you to our online platform for collaboration and coordination.

The Ethiopian chapter of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) was formally established in Addis Ababa on October 2016 as a result of the pioneering work of our founding Board Members and the Government of Ethiopia, represented by the Ethiopian Investment Commission.

We are the first foreign business forum to be formally sanctioned in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and we have since laid the foundation for other business forums to gain formal recognition.

The timing for us to expand the Chamber of Commerce platform couldn’t be better.  As Ethiopia enters the latter half of its 2nd GTP period these are dynamic times for American businesses looking to enter and expand in what will undoubtedly be a vibrant emerging market. Indeed, the World Economic Forum recently named Ethiopia the fast-growing economy in 2017 with projected GDP growth of 8.3%.  To witness and be part of the tremendous transformation Ethiopia’s vibrant public and private sectors are going through today, reaffirms our objective to promote trade and investment here to our peers in the United States.

In the legacy of the AmCham, we are committed to uphold and promote the values of free trade and enterprise, transparency, public information sharing, ethical and responsible business practices, intellectual property rights and corporate social responsibility.  We shall endeavor to nurture and extend these values through the partnerships we form within the Ethiopian business environment leveraging the collective and powerful voice of our members.

I encourage those who are not already members to strongly consider joining us.  The criteria for membership are elaborated within the website as well as the types of membership available.  For more information on enrollment please reach out to us via membership@amchamethiopia.org.

Thank you.



Daniel Hailu


The American Chamber of Commerce Ethiopia

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