Criteria to Join

1. Corporate membership – includes American controlled firms, firms of other countries and individuals that are engaged in commercial trade between the U.S. and Ethiopia and who share the objectives of free trade and enterprise. All corporate members must be registered in Ethiopia and are comprised of:

a.    American companies with branches, agents, or representative offices in Ethiopia to be represented by the CEO or his/her designate

b.   Ethiopian companies or individuals who have significant business or professional relationships with the United States represented by the CEO or his/her delegate

c.    Companies or individuals based in Ethiopia and acting as agents of American companies; or

d.   United States citizens residing in Ethiopia with substantial investments or professional relationships with Ethiopia

2.   Associate members – individual investors and firms that have interest in doing business with the U.S or from the U.S., but are not currently registered in Ethiopia.

3.  Honorary members – nominated by the Board of Directors. Membership in this category are limited to select distinguished persons and or entities who are believed by the Board to extend their support to achieving the Chamber’s objectives.